Our job is to creatively communicate your message, captivate your audience, and lead them to you.

We do this by specializing in Light Pole Street Banners  –  a powerfully effective, niche form of outdoor advertising.

Light Pole Banners – Our attractive banners attach to dozens of consecutive light poles on busy streets throughout Brisbane City, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding suburbs promoting museum exhibitions, non-profit events, civic announcements, cultural happenings, university open days, corporate sponsorship etc..

We get our clients noticed, and they keep coming back.

P1 Media is dedicated to making the process smooth, successful, and cost- effective. We handle each project every step of the way, including:

  • Strategic, creative location planning
  • Permit coordination
  • Careful image reproduction of the highest quality available
  • A perfected production process with quality checks to deliver superior products
  • Timely installation and removal
  • Post-removal advert/banner management