P1 Media has now launched the initial offering of selected unique billboard sites throughout Central Luzon. This area is one of the leading growth areas in the Philippines, strategically located at the heart of Asia which is referred to as the ‘Super Region’.

With the onset of Covid 19 we have seen the population move away from Manila and back toward the regional locations, such a trend will only accelerate as the goal was always to decentralize the capital. Prior to CV 19 the population of Central Luzon was expected to double with in the next 20 years, now one can only assume this will be sooner.

P1 media understands the importance of creating opportunities throughout the region, quality sites are limited, in the present environment we are seeing sites become available that in normal times would be well occupied with annual bookings from advertisers.

We see this as an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this and secure some unique billboard assets now which will serve you well, long into the future.